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Haemomaxx Palatable Liquid Supplement (For Dogs & Cats)

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  • Brand: Veterina
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Palatable liquid supplement may be placed directly into pets mouth or poured over food.

Ideal for:

Puppies or kittens in cases where the mother did not receive adequate nutrition during pregnancy.

Recovery after a hookwork, blood parasite and flea infestation.

Stimulating the appetites of a recently ill or injured petsWorking animals in need of additional nutritional support

Prophylaxis and treatment of Iron,Copper,amino acid, Vitamin B-complex deficiencies in pets

Dosage & Administration:

UP to 10 kgs use 2.5ml. once a day

10-15 kgs use 5ml once a day


For veterinary use only.

Please consult a Vet before the use of the product.

Keep out of reach of chidren Store at room temperature

Size : 100 ml (3.33 oz) / bottle