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Systral Cream (25 g)

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  • Brand: Menarini
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Contains active ingredient : Chlorphenoxamine HCL 15 mg 

Antihistaminic and Antiallergic 

Stop itching, has a cooling effect and relieves pain 

SYSTRAL is indicated for topical application in insect bites, mild burns, sunburns, chilblain, pruriginous and allergic dermatitis, such as those caused by jellyfish, eczema. 

Do not use SYSTRAL:. 

If you have specific cutaneous processes (such as syphilis, tuberculosis), chickenpox, post vaccination reactions, mycosis, bacterial cutaneous infections, steroid acne. 

Pregnancy and breast-feeding 

SYSTRAL must only be used during pregnancy and lactation if considered indispensible by the physician. 

If you use more SYSTRAL than you should 

The use of SYSTRAL in extended areas of skin affected by inflammatory changes (burns, sunburns) may cause adverse effects due to the percutaneous absorption of large amount of chlorphenoxamine hydrochloride especially in small children. 

In very rare cases, restlessness, confusion and pupillary dilation may occur. In adults, adverse effects are mainly fatigue and dry mouth. 

English instruction inside the box.

Size : 25 g /tube