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Cathy Doll Magic Pink Nipple Treatment

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Cathy Doll Magic Pink Nipples Treatment with Alpha-Arbutin changes your dark and dull skin around your nipple to be pinky and white.

Formulated in Korea with Rosella, bacillus, soybean, folic acid ferment extract that delivers abundant nutrient to the skin while Aloe leaf extract soothes the skin effectively.

Like a Virgin. Get pink nipples and bring back your youth right now with Magic Pink Nipples Treatment

The nipple treatment uses natural extracts and ingredients such as the L-Ascorbic Acid 2 -Glucoside and Vitamin C.

All of them mixed together and improve the look of dull nipples and make them look like ones of a young virgin. Thanks to Vitamin C, your skin will be nourished while melanin production will be restrained, so that you can enjoy revitalized, refresh pink nipples. Use it regularly for an amazing result

Active  ingredient:

Centella Asiatica Extract :   Enhances brightness and moistirizes

Aloe Barbsdensus Leaf Juice:   Softens skin

Alpha-Arbutin:   Reduces Melanin Production

Avenhoa Carambola Extract:   Stimulates skin cell exfoliation

Rosella Extract:   Acts as a powerful antioxidant

Rubus Idaeus Leaf Extract:   Evens skin tone

Direction :

Apply an appropriate amount onto the nipple skin before going to bed and massage it till it fully absorbed.

Size : 15g. (0.5 oz.) / tube