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Cathy Doll Baby Bright Snail Body Booster

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  • Brand: Karmart
  • Product Code: KM_SNBB
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For a skin more brilliant and younger than ever before, get the Snail Body Booster!

The booster turns into a snail mucus mist when applied, so it can be absorbed by your skin a lot faster.

Being rich in Astaxanthin, a powerful antioxidant that wipes off all signs of aging and slows down the skin cells ‘lifecycle, you can now look extra young and super fresh. 

It also contains Ceramide Extract, an ingredient that reduces dehydration and balances the skin tone. 

Alpha Arbutin Extract, a small molecule that deeply penetrates into the skin, can quickly remove all dark spots for a bright and flawless skin.

Size : 150 ml / tube (5 oz)