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Kiku-masamune Sake Skin Lotion (Face & Body)

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  • Brand: Kiku-masamune
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Kiku-Masamune Sake Lotion is a moisturizing facial skin care made from Japanese sake.

The Power of Rice when made into sake it contains additional amino acids that nourish skin moisturising and make skin look healthier and smoother. Together with Placental Protein and Arbutin that help skin rejuvenating. 

Free from colorants and Mineral oil. Mild pH Balance.


2 Types of usage : 

1. After facial wash, dry your skin and apply a lotion all over the face and can apply on your body 

2. For more efficiency use as a cotton mask : Apply on a cotton pad as a concentrated mask sheet for a whole face or any dry spots.


Amino Acid, Placenta, Arbutin

Manufactured in Japan

Size : 500 ml (16.67 oz) / bottle