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Ezerra Plus Cream

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Boosts the skin’s own defence system and breaks the vicious “Itch-Scratch” cycle before it can lead to dangerous infection.

Ensures intense moisturisation by attracting, retaining and regulating moisture in the skin.

Keeps skin calm and comfortable.

Active Ingredients:

Tripeptide boosts skin’s natural defence system against microbes and other external agents that can cause infection in scratched skin.

Stimutex-AS, a naturally-derived ingredient that has anti-histaminergic mimicking properties to provide relief from pruritis (itchiness) and erythema (redness and inflammation of the skin).

Saccharide Isomerate, a natural humectant that acts like a water magnet to provide intense moisturisation and restore skin barrier function.


Apply 2-3 times a day on clean skin on affected areas where skin is itchy, scratched and inflamed. If there are signs of infection (yellowish fluid), please see your doctor or dermatologist to address the infection.

Use fingers to lightly dab and spread the Cream on eczema-affected skin.

Size : 50 g (1.67 oz) /tube