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Hiruscar Scar & Keloid Care Gel

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Hiruscar is a quick-absorbing, non-greasy and film-free clear scar treatment gel that helps reduce scar visibility.

It’s light weight, clear gel formula makes it easy to apply and be absorbed. Containing 6 essential ingredients, Hiruscar is clinically proven to help flatten raised scars, lighten scars and soften/smoothen hard scars.

Hiruscar gel can be used for all scar types and is safe to be used on the face and body due to its skin-friendly formula. It also improves and dissipates wounds naturally while softening thick marks. Treatment time varies depending on the condition, size, type, severity and age of the scar.

*93% Average scar healed at end of 12 weeks


How Hiruscar heal scar?

Hiruscar, powered by 6 essential ingredients, improves skin flawed with scars such as surgery marks by healing and softening them. Hiruscar also reduces dark marks left by inflamed pimple scars and brings smoothness back to your skin.

In addition, Hiruscar also prevent the onset of bulging red scars that usually appear after wounds have just healed.


Use Hiruscar to treat skin affected with scars or even prevent them from appearing in various causes such as operation, accident, burning, pimple inflammation, chicken pox and also hypertrophic and keloid scars.

Apply Hiruscar accordingly:

Gently apply Hiruscar on closed wounds 2-3 times a day.

For facial use, apply the gel before applying moisturizer or makeup for more effective absorbance.

For old scars that are thick and bulging, massage the affected area for 2-3 minutes, 3-4 times a day and continue do this for approximately 4-6 months.

To prevent fresh wounds from leaving scars, once the wound has closed, apply Hiruscar continually for 4-8 weeks.

6-8 weeks of continual treatment is suggested for surgery and acne marks.

8 weeks of continuous treatment is suggested for burns from fires, exhaust pipes or hot water.

Size : 25 g  (0.83 oz) /tube