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Bergamot Detoxify Shampoo (for Normal and Oily Hair)

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  • Brand: Bergamot
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Positive Ion Formula

Shampoo for healthy hair. Remove harsh chemical residues. Mild and gentle. Not irritate your eyes and skin.

This Cationic shampoo (ISML special formula) is the latest hair treatment innovation which formulated with particular-structured substance called “ISML” (Isostearamidopropyl Morpholine Lactate).

This substance features a Cationic Surfactant (positive ion) that is effective in removing chemical residue (negative ion) left on the scalp and hair such as Chlorine from swimming pools, other chemicals derived from pollution and general hair care products that can become toxic and cause hair loss.

Specific features :

pH Balanced (6.0), No harsh chemicals to make your hair smooth and silky.

Contain various natural and herbal extracts such as Polyvalent Herbal Extract and Bergamot Extract (Bergamot Hair Complex BHC-75®, exclusive patent of BERGAMOT®).

Pureness and safety guaranteed.

Suitable for all hair types of all ages, including children aged over 3 years. It is recommended for daily use, so you can experience its natural value while detoxifying chemical residue regularly.

Size : 200 ml (6.66 oz) /bottle