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Daflon 500 mg

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  • Brand: Servier
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Contains Micronized, purified flavonoid fraction.


Treatment of the symptoms and signs of organic and idiopathic chronic venous insufficiency of the lower limbs eg, heavy legs, pain, heat sensation, edema, functional impairment and nocturnal cramps.

Treatment of the symptoms of acute hemorrhoidal attacks and chronic hemorrhoidal disease.


Usual Dose: Chronic Venous Insufficiency: 2 tabs daily with meals.

Chronic Hemorrhoidal Disease: 2 tabs daily with meals.

Acute Hemorrhoidal Attack: 6 tabs daily (in 2 divided doses) for 4 days, then 4 tabs daily (in 2 divided doses) for 3 days, 2 tabs thereafter.

Size :

30 tablets /box