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Xylocaine Jelly 2%

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  • Brand: AstraZeneca
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Contains the active ingredient:  Lidocaine HCL 2% . It is a type of medicine called a local anaesthetic and is used to numb areas that would otherwise feel pain.

Pain is caused by the stimulation of pain receptors at the ends of nerves. The stimulation causes sodium to enter the nerve ending, which causes an electrical signal to build up in the nerve. When this electrical signal is big enough, it passes along the nerve to the brain, where the signal is interpreted as pain.

Lidocaine works by temporarily blocking this pathway of pain signals along nerves. It does this by stopping the sodium entering the nerve ending at the site of the pain. This prevents an electrical signal building up and passing along the nerve fibres to the brain.

When it is sprayed onto tissues it prevents pain signals passing from that area to the brain and so numbs the area. This means otherwise painful procedures, such as certain medical procedures or surgery, can be performed without causing pain. The numbness will gradually wear off after the procedure.

What is it used for?

Xylocaine spray is a local anaesthetic that is used to numb a localised area and prevent pain from the following procedures:

minor surgical procedures in the nasal cavity, sinuses, or throat

examinations of the throat (laryngoscopy), lungs (bronchoscopy) or foodpipe (oesophagoscopy)

passing a tube into the windpipe to help breathing (endotracheal intubation)

dental procedures such as injections or removal of hardened plaque (tartar)

during the final stages of childbirth, before episiotomy and before stitches if these are needed after the birth.

Size : 30 g /tube