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Herbal One Mavaeng Cough Syrup (Sugar Free)

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  • Brand: Ouay-Un
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Mavaeng (Solanum trilobatum) is a known common herb in Thailand. Local and foreign researches show that Mavaeng alleviates cough, and acts as an expectorant. Bitter in nature, however our formulation, which includes licorice and indian gooseberry, makes the flavor palatable to people of all ages, without sacrificing the benefits of the herbs.

Our Light formula does not contain any sugar (sucrose), but we substitute sugar with Sorbitol which results in half the calories. 

Medical/ Supplement Fact
Cough reliever, expectorant.
Recommended usage
1-2 teaspoons 3-4 times daily, or when symptoms occur.
Active ingredients
Solanum trilobatum, Glycyrrhiza uralensis (licorice root), and Phyllanthus embilica.

Size: 60 ml ( 2 oz) / bottle