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SmoothE Anti-Melasma & White Babyface Foam

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  • Brand: SmoothE
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Smooth E Anti-Melasma & White Babyface Foam is a special formula for reducing the visible signs of melasma,dark spot,and freckles. Helping your skin look whiter,cleaner,refresher and more babyface looking.

The unique blend of ingredients with Alpha-Arbutin,Natural Extracts and Melawhite in order to slow down the natural pigmentation process and disperses existing melanin to reduce melasma,dark spots and freckles.

Natural Vitamin E fights dangetous free radicals and aids skin smoothing.VitaminC lightens the skin color

Melawhite promotes gradual lightening and evens out dark spots caused by aging or sun exposure


Apply a small amount of Smooth E Anti-Melasma & White Babyface Foam evenly over the wet face and neck.Gently massage and rinse off with water


Alpha arbutin , natural Vitamin E , Vitamin A , Jojoba oil

Size : 120 g (4 oz) /tube