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SmoothE White BabyFace Foam

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  • Brand: SmoothE
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 Bubble-free facial cleanser  (Non-ionic surfactant) that naturally whitens the skin, reduce acnes and fine lines.

Smooth E White BabyFace Foam is formulated to promote healthy, lighter skin. The unique blend of ingredients gently exfoliates and brightens a world-weary complexion. Incorporating Smooth E White Babyface foam into your daily beauty routine rejuvenates you skin and replenishes essential compounds.

MelaWhite (Natural Whitening Substance) and Vitamin C which helps lighten skin color while promotes gradual lightening and evens out dark spots caused by aging or sun exposure.

Natural Vitamin E which helps fights dangerous free radicals and aid skin smoothing.

Contained Micronized Titanium Dioxide blocks harmful UV rays without irritating. 


  • Natural Vitamin E 
  • Vitamin C 
  • Aloe Vera Oil
  • Primrose Oil 
  • Non-Ionic Surfactant 

Direction :

Apply a small amount of Smooth E White BabyFace Foam over dampened face. Massage gently and rinse with water.