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Feburic 80 mg

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Contain the active ingredient : Febuxostat, which is a type of medicine called a xanthine oxidase inhibitor. Febuxostat is used to treat gout.

Gout is caused by too much uric acid in the blood that leads to a build-up of uric acid crystals in the joints. It is these crystals that cause the characteristic pain and inflammation of gout.

Uric acid is produced by an enzyme in the body called xanthine oxidase. Febuxostat inhibits the action of this enzyme and as a result lowers uric acid levels. By lowering the levels of uric acid in the blood, flare-ups of gout can be prevented.

It  are used for the long term treatment and prevention of gout, but not for immediate treatment of gout flare-ups. Other medicines are used for the rapid relief of gout symptoms.

What is it used for?

  • Reducing high blood uric acid levels (hyperuricaemia) in gout and thus preventing gout attacks.

Size : 30 tablets / box