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Contains the active ingredient : Tetrachlorodecaoxygen (TCDO)

What is it used for ?

Wound treatment

The effectiveness of Oxoferin solution is based on the stimulation of tissue repair. This has been demonstrated in experiments revealing Oxoferin to boost phagocytosis (ingestion) and to stimulate the wound macrophages.

It activates the wound macrophages in order to enable their key functions in all three phases of wound healing:

Wound cleansing with defense against infection
Wound granulation with the formation of new vessels and wound tissue
Wound closure

It penetrates through the wound and the wound borders into the regenerative tissue layers, stimulates thereabouts the cellular defense, and resolves excessive inflammation reactions in the wound.

It  stimulates the macrophages leading to effective defense against infection. Since the wound cleaning processes start from the wound ground, changes to the wound surface need not necessarily be evident at first. The disintegration of necroses (dead tissue) and the simultaneous start of the formation of connective tissue containing plenty of vessels (granulation) are characteristic of wounds treated with Oxoferin.

Next to wound cleansing and fighting against infections, the stimulation of the macrophages results in the secretion of factors for tissue regeneration and the formation of new vessels. The aqueous solution Oxoferin supports the humid environment of the wound.

By forming clean, healthy granulation tissue with good blood circulation, Oxoferin generates the requirements for rapidly visible wound closure with good cicatrisation (scar formation).

Size : 50 ml / bottle

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