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Blopress 16 mg

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Contain the active ingredient : Candesartan, which is a type of medicine called an angiotensin II antagonist. It works by preventing the action of a hormone in the body called angiotensin II.

Angiotensin II normally acts on special receptors in the body, with two main results. Firstly, it causes the peripheral blood vessels to narrow, and secondly, it stimulates the production of another hormone called aldosterone. Aldosterone causes salt and water to be retained by the kidneys, which increases the volume of fluid in the blood vessels.

Candesartan blocks the receptors that angiotensin II acts on and so prevents its actions. The main result of this is that the peripheral blood vessels are allowed to widen, which means that there is more space and less resistance in these blood vessels. This lowers the pressure inside the blood vessels.

Blocking the actions of angiotensin II also reduces the action of aldosterone on the kidneys. The result of this is an increase in the amount of fluid removed from the blood by the kidneys. This decreases the amount of fluid in the blood vessels, which also lessens the resistance and pressure in the blood vessels.

The combined overall effect of these changes is to lower the blood pressure.

Candesartan is also used to improve the symptoms of heart failure, where the heart is not pumping as efficiently as it should. It helps heart failure because lowering the pressure within the blood vessels means that the heart doesn't have to work as hard to pump the blood around the body.

What is it used for?

High blood pressure with no known cause (essential hypertension) in adults.

High blood pressure in children and adolescents aged 6 to 18 years.

Heart failure in adults.

Size : 28  tablets/box

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