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Canesten Vaginal Tablet Single-Dose Treatment with Applicator

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  • Brand: Bayer
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Contains the active ingredient : Clotrimazole (500 mg), which is an anti-fungal medicine used to treat infections with fungi and yeasts. This Canesten is a single dose treatment for vaginal thrush.

Vaginal thrush is the common term for infections of the vagina with Candida species of fungi, in particular Candida albicans. This infection causes inflammation and discharge from the vagina.

Clotrimazole kills the Candida fungi causing the infection by interfering with their cell membranes. It works by stopping the fungi from producing a substance called ergosterol, which is an essential component of fungal cell membranes. The disruption in production of ergosterol causes holes to appear in the fungal cell membrane.

The cell membranes of fungi are vital for their survival. They keep unwanted substances from entering the cells and stop the contents of the cells from leaking out. As clotrimazole causes holes to appear in the cell membranes, essential constituents of the fungal cells can leak out. This kills the fungi and treats the infection.

This Canesten is inserted high into the vagina with applicator to allow the clotrimazole to act directly in the area of infection. TIt should be inserted into the vagina at bedtime using the applicator provided.

The single dose Canesten should clear up the infection inside the vagina. However, you may also want to use a cream on the outside of the vagina (vulva and labia) to help relieve the external symptoms of the infection, such as itching, inflammation and soreness. Clotrimazole 1% cream are suitable for this.

Manufactured by Bayer Schering Pharma Ag, Germany

English Instruction leaflet  inside the box

1 Box contains 1 tablet of Clotrimazole (500 mg) + an applicator.