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Zanidip 10 mg

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Contain the active ingredient : Lercanidipine Hydrochloride, which is a type of medicine called a calcium channel blocker. 

Lercanidipine works by slowing the movement of calcium through the muscle cells that are found in the walls of blood vessels. It does this by blocking 'calcium channels' in these muscle cells. Calcium is needed by muscle cells so that they can contract. Lercanidipine reduces the amount of calcium available to muscle cells and so makes them relax.

Lercanidipine acts specifically on the muscle cells in the walls of arteries, causing them to relax. This allows the arteries in the body to widen.

The relaxing and widening of the small arteries in the body decreases the resistance that the heart has to push against in order to pump the blood around the body. This reduces the pressure within the blood vessels. Lercanidipine can therefore be used to lower high blood pressure.

Lercanidipine can also have a widening effect on the small arteries in the heart, which improves the supply of blood, and therefore the oxygen to the heart. This reduces the effort the heart has to make to pump blood around the body.

What is it used for?

High blood pressure (hypertension).

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Size : 28 tablets/box